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Hi! My name's Chibiusa Tsukino!
Don't tell anybody, but I'm also SAILOR CHIBIMOON, champion of justice-in-training, and I'm also a princess! FROM THE FUTURE! I know it sounds crazy, but that's just how things go in my life.

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(This is a fun ask/RP blog made by a diehard Chibiusa fan! Chibiusa is based ONLY ON THE MANGA and comes from roughly the end of the series c: )

Oct 7th | 2501



Comic by Sailor Scribbles







In my head, the Shitennou are the first to call her Lady instead of Small Lady.  Both out of respect and affection. Chibiusa is simultaneously flustered and charmed by this.

Even if they don’t revive, I’m sure they’re still looking out for the royal family in their own way.

Sep 17th | 22
lainey-kaitie648: Why is it so boring being a princess? "Proper etiquette. Good diplomat. Blah blah BLAH!" It's awful for me too. -- Princess Kaitie


Sep 16th | 47
Anonymous: After she was reborn as a baby, did you miss Hotaru-chan?

Sep 15th | 50



Whether you like or dislike Chibiusa, you gotta admit:

Being stuck in the body and maturity of a pre-pubescent kid for 900 years totally blows.

Sep 14th | 30
misobun: Hey Chibiusa! It's nice to see you looking happy and pretty! But like a lot of others, I have a question. Does the Sailor Quartet still have some Circus-y qualities? Because if they do, you must've learned some trapeze tricks or animal training. :)


Sep 13th | 54


Sep 13th | 800
midnightdrops: Hello Chibiusa! I know it's a long time from now, but what do you do for Usagi/Neo-Queen Serenity for Mother's Day? You're adorable, btw!


Sep 13th | 5

Sailor Quartet stuff!

HEY EVERYBODY! okay laying down the law

SO, I’ve had a LOT of Sailor Quartet related questions sitting in the blog’s inbox for quite some time. I never tackled them because, for one thing, it had been quite some time since I read the manga and wasn’t very familiar with the basis of their individual personalities. For another thing, some of the questions, I feel, require more thinking and headcanon than what I had. Since I’m trying to write a Chibiusa-focused sequel ANYWAY, this meant I had to get down to business and really come with solid groundwork to base any answers I gave to these questions on. 

For disclaimer’s sake, a lot of what I came up with is not set in stone, so things might be vague, fuzzy, or just plain not thought out quite yet. I have been thinking about these girls for quite a while, though.

FOR NOW, HERE is the post with the most basic bare bones. The girls are all much more fleshed out in my head, though there are still bits I’m working on. I want a f/f relationship in there, but I haven’t figured out between whom yet (except purposely avoiding an archetypal femme/butch relationship), and I may want to mess around with gender stuff but also haven’t much decided on that front.

This info will also be available on the blog’s link list for future reference!

Now I can get to all those Quartet questions. Thanks for your patience <3

Aug 3rd | 24
louchan: Hey Chibiusa, how come even though you're over 900 years old you never developed mentally during that time? I mean, no offense, but you still had the heart and mind of a child until you finally started growing again.


Aug 2nd | 12
ene-eneomoto: *Squishes your cheeks*