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Hi! My name's Chibiusa Tsukino!
Don't tell anybody, but I'm also SAILOR CHIBIMOON, champion of justice-in-training, and I'm also a princess! FROM THE FUTURE! I know it sounds crazy, but that's just how things go in my life.

Ask me questions, I'll try to answer them all!


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(This is a fun ask/RP blog made by a diehard Chibiusa fan! Chibiusa is based ONLY ON THE MANGA and comes from roughly the end of the series c: )

Apr 9th | 13 arielxmog:

Sooo happy! Thanks to my amazing sister I spent the past weekend in Little Tokyo and got to attend the opening night of the Sailor Moon gallery at Q Pop. And had so much fun waiting in line with Tomoyo-chan :D
Apr 7th | 29
Apr 5th | 12 sammywhatammy:

Are you at QPOP SHOP’s sailor moon show?! Come say hi!
Feb 24th | 66
Oct 9th | 96
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Aug 26th | 149
Aug 26th | 5


yup, i know, AGAIN. today’s the last ask in the queue. unfortunately I didn’t get to set up a big queue like I wanted. I JUST moved, I’m going to Reno for a couple of days, then I fly back to NJ to grab my boyfriend and move him out here to CA to live with me via a cross country road trip! updates when I can.

love you guys <3 STAY PINK AND FABULOUS

Aug 25th | 45
Aug 24th | 14