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Hi! My name's Chibiusa Tsukino!
Don't tell anybody, but I'm also SAILOR CHIBIMOON, champion of justice-in-training, and I'm also a princess! FROM THE FUTURE! I know it sounds crazy, but that's just how things go in my life.

Ask me questions, I'll try to answer them all!


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(This is a fun ask/RP blog made by a diehard Chibiusa fan! Chibiusa is based ONLY ON THE MANGA and comes from roughly the end of the series c: )

Aug 3rd | 15
louchan: Hey Chibiusa, how come even though you're over 900 years old you never developed mentally during that time? I mean, no offense, but you still had the heart and mind of a child until you finally started growing again.

Aug 2nd | 8
ene-eneomoto: *Squishes your cheeks*

Jul 29th | 121
Anonymous: Initially, were you afraid of Sailor Saturn?


Jul 28th | 82
Anonymous: If you somehow wound up in the DragonBall universe would you and Gohan be friends or something more if you know what I mean ;)


Jul 27th | 25
chica-a-dee: Can I be one of your senshi too??


Jul 26th | 62
juhuatai: How would you feel if Neo-Queen Serenity adopted Chibi Chibi into the household?


Jul 26th | 3
haikumoon: You have to go to your list of blocked people and remove them from the list.

That’s what I can’t find! Tumblr has changed the customize page since I last used it. SOB i suck

Jul 26th | 1

OH NO!!! I’m clearing out the inbox and I accidentally BLOCKED (ignored???) someone instead of deleting their ask! does anyone know how to undo this??? 

Jul 25th | 1
Anonymous: Sorry to bother you, but could you link to the manga chapter that has the party being held in chibiusa's honor? I can't seem to find it! Thanks!

OH I thought I put it in the image! Sorry if it was too hard to read. but here ya go, anon!

Jul 8th | 1204 shinjesus:

me and my friend yujin cosplaying at anime expo 2014!!!!! our costumes were so appreciated (≖ ´ ᗢ `≖)ゞ