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Hi! My name's Chibiusa Tsukino!
Don't tell anybody, but I'm also SAILOR CHIBIMOON, champion of justice-in-training, and I'm also a princess! FROM THE FUTURE! I know it sounds crazy, but that's just how things go in my life.

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(This is a fun ask/RP blog made by a diehard Chibiusa fan! Chibiusa is based ONLY ON THE MANGA and comes from roughly the end of the series c: )

Jul 29th | 103
Anonymous: Initially, were you afraid of Sailor Saturn?


Jul 28th | 69
Anonymous: If you somehow wound up in the DragonBall universe would you and Gohan be friends or something more if you know what I mean ;)


Jul 27th | 22
chica-a-dee: Can I be one of your senshi too??


Jul 26th | 52
juhuatai: How would you feel if Neo-Queen Serenity adopted Chibi Chibi into the household?


Jul 26th | 2
haikumoon: You have to go to your list of blocked people and remove them from the list.

That’s what I can’t find! Tumblr has changed the customize page since I last used it. SOB i suck

Jul 26th | 1

OH NO!!! I’m clearing out the inbox and I accidentally BLOCKED (ignored???) someone instead of deleting their ask! does anyone know how to undo this??? 

Jul 25th | 1
Anonymous: Sorry to bother you, but could you link to the manga chapter that has the party being held in chibiusa's honor? I can't seem to find it! Thanks!

OH I thought I put it in the image! Sorry if it was too hard to read. but here ya go, anon!

Jul 8th | 1078 shinjesus:

me and my friend yujin cosplaying at anime expo 2014!!!!! our costumes were so appreciated (≖ ´ ᗢ `≖)ゞ
Jul 7th | 21

new sailor moon dub opinion


this is my big eloquent opinion, having gone to the big sailor moon panel at AX

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Jul 5th | 11 sammywhatammy:

What I’m working on last minute at 1am instead of sleeping #isthisacongoercosplayerinitiationrite

This is for a cosplay of babsdraws' amazing “moon baby” punk Chibiusa. I'll be dressing as her for the big Sailor Moon day here at Anime Expo, so say hi if you're at the big panel or cosplay gathering! c: